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How to Apply to Work At Johnston's

All job applicants are required to apply in person at our Corporate Office, 9865 Wales Rd, Erie, PA. Walk-ins are welcome from 9am - 3pm weekdays, though appointments are also appreciated. To request a job application appointment, please email the office manager with your availability and contact information or call (814) 897-1900 during business hours.


Be aware that our nursery can be a muddy place, so appropriate footwear is advised. Casual but clean farm clothing is acceptable attire. You may park anywhere in the Corporate/ Wholesale Lot. Our main office entrance is located at the rear of the building (under the porch roof and near the pop machine).


Before your interview begins, we will ask you to complete a GENERAL APPLICATION. You may come with this application pre-printed and filled out, or we will supply you with a paper application and writing utensil when you arrive. We will accept a copy of your printed resumé in lieu of writing your employment and education history on the application form.

Please allot approximately 10 -15 minutes for a brief initial interview. At the end of the interview, the interviewer will provide you with a timeframe for follow up and next steps.

Johnston's Wholesale Office
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