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Johnston's Evergreen Nursery Educational Training

We created JEN Ed™ in 2019 as a response to hearing a common refrain on our customer service surveys: "We need more training on plants!"

You asked, and we listened.

By creating various training opportunities for both our Green Industry professional and for homeowners who are gardening enthusiasts (or folks with a black thumb who would like to learn more), Johnston's strives to improve the overall quality of landscape management in Erie County and beyond. Through JEN Ed™, we intend to share several generations of knowledge and experience in the best horticultural practices.

The goals of JEN Ed™ are to:

  • Grow Better Plants

  • Cultivate Better Relationships

  • Harvest Better Results in Horticulture

Additional Planting Resources

Upcoming Events


JEN Ed Spring Training Camp for Professional Landscaping Crews

with Henry J. Rafferty, PCH

Henry is currently scheduling sessions for late winter / early spring. Call (814) 897-1900 today or email Henry to reserve your session hosted at Johnston's, or to schedule Henry at your shop for a date before April 12th.

JEN Ed Events Gallery

JEN Ed Seminar for Landscaping Professionals

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