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Ornamental Grasses ...

... we only started with evergreens!

Even though our name is Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery, we do carry a full line of landscape plants.

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Calamagrostis x acutifolia 'Karl Foerster' KARL FOERSTER'S FEATHER REED GRASS

5-6 ft. (Zone 5) Rigid, green foliage with very showy reddish-bronze flower plumes from June to September. Ideal for background or accent planting. Perennial plant of the year 2001.

calamagrostis karl-foerster[1].jpg (40458 bytes)


Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance' ICE DANCE VARIEGATED SEDGE

12-16 in. (Zone 5) Thin dark green grassy foliage with bright edges of white. Short semi-spreading habit. Grows in full sun to shade and will tolerate some moist soil. Very reminiscent of Variegated Liriope.

carex marrowii ice dance1.JPG (424748 bytes)


Chasmanthium latifolium NORTHERN SEA OATS

2-3 ft. (Zone 5) A very adaptable grass to dry, exposed areas. This plant prefers partial shade. The arching seed heads persist into winter and are very useful for dried flower arrangements.

chasmanthium latifolium sea oat.JPG (315528 bytes)


Festuca ovina glauca 'Elijah Blue' ELIJAH BLUE FESCUE

10 in. (Zone 4) One of the nicest blue Fescues. Color holds up well throughout the summer.

festuca elijah blue.jpg (474415 bytes) festuca elijah blue1.jpg (494360 bytes)


Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’  ALL GOLD FOREST GRASS

12-18 in. (Zone 5)  Beautiful luminous clumps of golden foliage.  Prefers morning sun and afternoon shade, but very shade-tolerant.



Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' GOLDEN VARIEGATED FOREST GRASS

1-2 ft. (Zone 5) Graceful ornamental grass with cascading form. In partial shade, foliage is yellow with narrow green stripes near the margins. In full shade color is chartreuse. In fall the leaves become infused with shades of reddish-pink.

hakon aureola (2).jpg (22066 bytes)


Hakonechloa macra ‘Beni-Kaze’  BENI-KAZE FOREST GRASS

18-24 in. (Zone 5)  Solid green foliage becomes flushed with red in autumn.  Prefers some shade.


Helictotrichon sempervirens BLUE OAT GRASS

2-3 ft. (Zone 3) Forms a stiff, spiny vase-shape with metallic-blue foliage. Flowers are oat-like and appear above the foliage in June. Plant in well-drained organic soil in full sun for best results.

helictotrichon sempervirens2[1].jpg (44652 bytes)


Helictotrichon sempervirens 'Sapphire' SAPPHIRE BLUE OAT GRASS

18-24 in. (Zone 3) Forms a stiff, spiny vase-shape with metallic-blue foliage. Flowers are oat-like and appear above the foliage in June. Plant in well-drained organic soil in full sun for best results. Resistant to rust fungus. Same look as Blue Oat Grass but more dwarf.

helictot sapphire.jpg (45083 bytes)


Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' JAPANESE BLOOD GRASS

12-15 in. (Zone 5) Brilliant foliage that retains its color all season. Foliage is red, green at the base. Plant in full to part-sun in moist, well-drained, organic soil. Slow growing cultivar.

imperata red-baron[1].jpg (63293 bytes)



10-12 ft. (Zone 5) Coarse, green foliage with an upright, open form and large silver-white plumes up to 12-24 inches. Prefers sun and is similar to plume grass except is hardier and is more aggressive. Will tolerate more difficult locations.



Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus' MAIDEN GRASS

3-6 ft. (Zone 5) Fine-textured foliage with white mid-vein and upright, arching habit. 5-8 inch plumes are reddish-pink. Plant in sun or partial shade.

miscanthus gracillimus[1].jpg (64115 bytes)


Miscanthus sinensis ‘Graziella’  SILVER MAIDEN GRASS

5-6 ft. (Zone 5) Medium size grass with early, large white flowers. Similar to M. Gracillimus.


Miscanthus sinensis ‘Little Kitten’  LITTLE KITTEN MAIDEN GRASS

2-3 ft.  (Zone 5)   Very compact maiden grass with narrow green leaves and sparse flowers.


Miscanthus sinensis ‘Little Zebra’ (P.P.No. 13,008)  LITTLE ZEBRA MAIDEN GRASS

3-4 ft. (Zone 5)  Dwarf form of Maiden Grass having light green foliage with very distinctive horizontal bands of yellow.  Silvery flowers heads appear in late summer to early fall. 


Miscanthus sinensis 'Purpurascens' PURPLE MAIDEN GRASS or FLAME GRASS

3-4 ft. (Zone 5) Attractive clumps of foliage turn to rich shades of reddish- purple in late summer topped by attractive plumes.

miscanthus purpurescens[1].jpg (37504 bytes)


Miscanthus sinensis strictus PORCUPINE GRASS

6 ft. (Zone 5) Very similar to M.s.'Zebrinus' in variegation but forming a strictly upright, well-shaped clump that is almost rigid in habit. Very good accent plant.

misc sin strictus porc.jpg (38088 bytes) miscanthus sin strictus porcupine grass.JPG (367825 bytes)


Miscanthus sinensis 'Variegated' VARIEGATED MAIDEN GRASS

4-6 ft. (Zone 5) Creamy-white and green variegated foliage. Upright arching habit. Prefers sun.

miscanthus variegata variegated maiden grass1.jpg (434475 bytes) miscanthus variegata[1].jpg (60275 bytes) misc sin var.jpg (43040 bytes)


Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’  HEAVY METAL SWITCH GRASS

3-4 ft. (Zone 4)  Striking stiff metallic-blue leaves forming a tight upright clump. Turns bright yellow in fall.

Heavy Metal Switch Grass

Panicum virgatum ‘Rotstrahlbusch’  RED RAYS SWITCH GRASS

3-4 ft. (Zone 5)  Deep burgundy red color in the upper leaf blades and deep burgundy seedheads.  The best color is in fall.



Panicum virgatum 'Shenadoah' SHENANDOAH SWITCH GRASS

3-4 ft. (Zone 4) Very nice selection that begins in the spring with blue-green foliage. During the summer you start to see red tinges and by fall the plant changes to dark maroon. All season display.

panicum vir shenandoah switch grass.JPG (451492 bytes)


Pennisetum alopecuroides FOUNTAIN GRASS

3 ft. (Zone 5) Medium to fine-textured green foliage with mounded growth habit. Feathery 6-8 inch plumes. Prefers sun.

pennisetum alo hameln dwf fountain grass.JPG (473570 bytes)


Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln' DWARF FOUNTAIN GRASS

2-3 ft. (Zone 5) Dwarf form of P. alopecuroides. Prefers sun.

penn hameln.jpg (41207 bytes) pennisetum hameln[1].jpg (73545 bytes)


Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny' LITTLE BUNNY FOUNTAIN GRASS

12 in. (Zone 5) Very dwarf form of P. alopecuroides.

pennistum little-bunny2[1].jpg (59703 bytes)


Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Piglet’ (P.P.No. 19,074)  PIGLET DWARF FOUNTAIN GRASS

1 ft. (Zone 5)  Originating as a seeding P.a. ‘Hameln’ which is slightly smaller than Hameln and larger than P.a. ‘Little Bunny’.  



Pennisetum orientale 'Karley Rose' (P.P. 12909) KARLEY ROSE FOUNTAIN GRASS

2-3 ft (Zone 5) Medium to fine-textured green foliage with mounded growth habit. Smokey rosy-pink flower plumes appear in July. Prefers sun.

pennisetum ori karley rose fountain grass1.JPG (278489 bytes) pennisetum ori karley rose fountain grass2.JPG (413553 bytes)


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