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Tomatoes ...


... we only started with evergreens!

Even though our name is Johnston’s Evergreen Nursery, we do carry a full line of landscape plants.

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If you are not familiar with plant categories and botanical names, you can use the Site Search above to help find your plant description.

(Please remember we are not a mail-order nursery.)

We do have seed packs of many other vegetables located in our office

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Determinate - Plants grow to a certain size and produce all their fruit at once.

Indeterminate - Plants continue growing and producing fruit until frost. Needs to be staked.

Semi Determinate - Plants grow to a certain size and produce almost all their fruit at one time, with some fruit coming after the first production.


Cherry Tomatoes ...

Black Cherry - 64 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Cherry. A high-yielding dark cherry tomato.  Very rich flavor and has an excellent color.  Developed by Vince Sapp.  



Snow White - 74 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Cherry.  Ivory-cream colored 2-ounce tomatoes are produced on vigorous growing plants.  A great snacking tomato!


Sun Gold F1 57 Days - Indeterminate - Hybrid Cherry.  Apricot colored.  Considered the best cherry tomato ever developed.  Very sweet with a hint of acidity.  A hybrid variety with very high yields.  


Super Sweet 100 VF - 65 Days - Indeterminate - Hybrid Cherry.  This easy to grow hybrid plants produce 100 or more "super sweet" cherry tomatoes that are 1 oz. each and 1" in diameter.  Excellent for snacks and salads.  High in vitamin C.  Requires staking or caging.  


Red Pear  - 78 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Pear.  An heirloom favorite!  High yields of 2 ounce bright red pear-shaped fruits are produced throughout the growing season on a vigorous, bushy plant.  Delicious for snacking and in salads.  


Riensentraube  - 76 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Cherry.  From Germany.  One of the most popular small cherry tomatoes available, the 1-ounce red fruits are full of flavor and sweetness!  Riesentraube means "giant bunch of grapes" in German.


Yellow Pear  - 78 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Pear.  Hugh yields of tiny, bright yellow pear-shaped fruits.  Delicious in salads.  Flavor is very similar to the Red Pear.


Salad Tomatoes ...

Green Zebra - 75 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Salad.  A tangy and delicious salad tomato that ripens when the green  3 to 4 oz. fruits develop a yellow blush. Developed by Tom Wagner.  Very productive.  



Paste Tomatoes ...

Goldman's Italian-American - 78 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Paste. Red, pear-shaped fluted tomato in the 1 lb. range.  Great flavor with few seeds. Makes a very good creamy sauce. Originally from Cernobbio Italy.


Heinz 1439 VFA - 70 Days - DeterminateHybrid Paste/Slicer.  A perfect tomato developed by Heinz for ketchup, purees, and sauces!  Great yields of 6 oz. red fruits that are crack resistant and disease resistant.


Opalka - 85 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Paste.  From Poland.  Large banana-shaped red fruit have very few seeds and are highly prized for sauces and purees.  A very sweet variety that is also fantastic used fresh!



Pantano Romanesco - 70 Days - Heirloom. This extremely productive plant offers large 12-ounce bright red tomatoes that have an interesting complex flavor. Fruit is slightly-ribbed and has a meaty inside making it great for creating sauces.

Roma VFN - 80 days - IndeterminateHybrid Paste.  An old-time plum type tomato on a compact plant. The 3 oz. fruits are crack resistant and widely used for tomato paste, canning and juicing. Resists verticillium and fusarium wilt.



Rosso Sicilian - 80 Days - Firm and solid fruit that can reach up to 5 ounces in weight. Has a great seed cavity for stuffing or paste, but can be used as a slicing fresh with its beautiful scalloped appearance.

San Marzano 2 - 70 Days - IndeterminateHybrid Paste.  An improved old-time variety with leaves that protect the fruit from strong sunlight. Long-shaped fruit are very uniform.  Bright red color.  Suitable for fresh use or for canning.  Tolerant to Verticillum and Fusarium.



Red and Pink Slicing Tomatoes ...

Arkansas Traveler - 85 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Slicer.  Beautiful red-pink 8-ounce fruits are abundantly produced with a well-balance flavor.  A customer favorite.  Resistant to cracking and disease.

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


Better Boy - 80 Days - Indeterminate - Hybrid Beefsteak.  1lb. plus fruits are plump, juicy, and prolific.  Very flavorful, juicy, and firm.  Leaves help to protect fruit from strong sunlight.  Excellent disease resistance. 


Box Car Willie - 80 Days - Indeterminate - Heirlooom Slicer. Very abundant, prolific plant with smooth red fruit that weigh 6 to 8 oz. each.  A main-crop variety because of the high yields and medium-size fruit.  

Brandywine, Red - 80 Days - Heirloom. An old time red tomato with a similar old time taste. These red tomatoes are extremely productive, bear a long harvest, and even make fruit that can be 10 to 16 ounces.


Brandywine, Sudduth's Strain  - 78 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Beefsteak.  Huge fruits are abundantly produced on large plants.  Fruit are 1-lb. or more in size, pinkish-red in color, and very tasty!  A very meaty strain.  Makes a sandwich great! 


Celebrity F1 - 72 Days - Indeterminate - Hybrid Slicer.  An All American Selections winner, this variety produces flavorful 7 to 8 oz. fruits on a plant with high disease resistance. 

Photo by Tomato Growers (www.tomatogrowers.com)


Champion II - 62 to 65 Days - Hybrid. Related to the Origonal Champion tomato in taste, but has a better disease resistance. Fruit produced are about 6 to 7 ounces and yield high.


Chef's Choice Orange - 75 Days - Hybrid. Relative to the heriloom Amana Orange with the same taste, but with a few improvements to maturity date and resistance. Produces 9 to 12 ounce fruit that are excellent in cooking.


Cosmonaut Volkov - 65 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Slicer.  Vigorous plants with high yields that produce  8 to 12 oz. fruits that are sweet and rich.  Produces well in cold conditions.  Named after a Russian Cosmonaut.  Recommended.


Defiant - 70 Days - Hybrid. If you are having trouble with late season blight then this tomato is the one for you! With great disease resistance and a high yield of 6 to 8 ounce globe shaped fruit, this tomato is a must have.

Delicious - 90  Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Slicer.  A producer of large 1-to 3-lb fruits that are clean and, like the name, delicious!  Set the record in 1986 by producing a 7-lb 12 oz. fruit.

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


Early Girl VFF - 52  Days - Indeterminate - Hybrid Slicer.  Very early, heavy producer of 4-6 oz. tomatoes. Firm textured and blemish-resistant skin.  Hybrid.


Early Girl 'Bush' - 54 Days - Hybrid. Compact fruit similar to the standard Early Girl tomato but grows on more sturdy, more resistant stocks. Produces abundant fruit that is ideal for containers and long seasons.


German Johnson Potato Leaf - 80 to 90 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Beefsteak.  An old-time variety from North Carolina, large pink-red tomatoes are meaty with few seeds.  Excellent flavor.  Very similar to Mortgage Lifter in flavor. 

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


Granny Cantrell's German Red - 85 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Beefsteak.  High yields of 1 lb. plus fruits that are a beautiful pink color with superb flavor. Fruits are uniform and crack free.  Highly productive and recommended.  



Jetsetter - 64 Days - Hybrid. Best tasting tomato for early maturity. Offers great yield, large 8 oz. fruit, and excellent disease resistance.


Mortgage Lifter - 79 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Beefsteak.  Also called Radiator Charlie. Developed in the 1930s by M.C. Byles from Logan W. Virginia by crossing English, German Johnson, Italian, and Beefsteak varieties.  Legend has it that he sold his seedlings for one dollar each and paid off his Mortgage to his house. Fruits are large, smooth with a sweet taste. A popular variety. 


Mountain Merit - 75 Days - Hybrid. A hardy tomato with multiple resistances to diseases. Yields medium to large fruit that typically are smooth, have little to no cracking, and are 8 to 10 ounces.

Neve's Azorean Red - 80 Days - Indeterminate Heirloom Beefsteak.  1 to 3 lb. fruits are uniquely deep and rich in flavor. Brought to the US by the Neve's Family from the Azores which is a Portuguese Island Chain.  Perfect for the ideal tomato sandwich.  Comes highly recommended.  


Rutgers - 60 to 100 Days - Determinate - Heirloom Slicer.  Large, 8-ounce fruits are abundantly produced that have good flavor.  Great for canning or fresh eating. 

Orange and Yellow Slicing Tomatoes ...

Dr. Wyche's - 80 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Beefsteak.  1 lb. golden-yellow tomatoes with meaty flesh, rich flavor, and few seeds.  One of the best yellow tomatoes available. Blemish-free.   

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


Black, White, and Miscellaneous ...

Aunt Ruby's German Green - 80 Days - Heirloom Beefsteak.  Large 1 lb. plus beefsteak fruits are sweet and robust.  Fruits are ripe when slightly soft to the touch and yellow-green in color.  An heirloom from Greenville, TN.

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


Black Krim - 80 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Slicer.  From Russia.  Large, dark red-purple juicy fruits with a rich, sweet flavor.  Always towards the top of taste test trials. 

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


Black Vernissage Tomato - 75 days - An extremely rich and tasty variety that can be used for fresh eating, salads, drying or making sauces. Plants are typically very productive and are very adaptive for a long season of growing.


Carbon - 80 days - Being one of the darkest of the "black" tomatoes this plant is one to try for something new! Its flavor is rich and sweet with the essence of a summer tomato. Produces medium to large fruit that grow to be 8 to 12 ounces.

Japanese Black Trifele - 81 Days- Indeterminate - Heirloom Slicer.  From Russia. A highly prized dark-colored tomato that produces abundant amounts of 6-ounce fruits that are mahogany with greenish shoulders.  Resistant to cracking.  Very tasty with a meaty core.   

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


Tomatillo 'Verde' - 90 Days - Heirloom Variety. Although not actually a tomato, this "Husk Tomato" is great for adding flavor to salsas. Green fruit grows the same as normal tomatoes and yeilds anywhere from 2-4 ounces with a tart flavor.


Berkeley Tie Dye - 65 to 75 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Slicer.  This tomato's colors will take you back to the '70's!  Described as "port wine" colored with metallic green stripes, it as beautiful inside as it is outside.  Very rich and sweet tasting.  Developed by Brad Gates from Wild Boar Farms. 

Photo by Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com)


White Queen - 85 Days Heirloom Beefsteak.  Best shape and white color from the "white" varieties. Fruit grows from 8 to 12 ounces that are sweet and well-balanced in flavor. Smooth excelpt for ribbed shoulded with pink streaks on their blossom ends that ripen to a pale creamy yellow.


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