Rosa 'Meidomonac' BONICA® ROSE

Rosa 'Meidomonac' BONICA® ROSE

3-5 ft. (Zone 4)  A very hardy, double pink-flowering shrub rose that often blooms with more than 25 flowers on long lateral shoots.  Deep green, glossy foliage.  The bright red hips remain showy throughout the winter.  Own-root hardy.  Meidiland shrub rose classification.


General Rose Rootstock and Hardiness

Roses that are grown on their own root are able to come back from their roots even after winter damage has occured.  Budded varieties are grafted on a rootstock that is different from the rose cultivar.  Therefore, the original rose will not be what grows back from the roots if severe winter damage occurs.  Budded varietes may require winter protection such as mulching the canes and crown with leaves or bark.


General Meidiland Shrub Rose Description

Meidiland roses are classified as shrub roses.  They are own root hardy and are generally easy to care for in the landscape.  They are a good choice for bank and slope plantings because of their spreading habit.  Meidiland roses can be used in mass plantings for a season long flower display.

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