Ground Cover Calculator Guide

How many ground cover plants do I need for my project? Use this guide to calculate your planting needs.

For planting ground covers like pachysandra and vinca minor (myrtle), we recommend planting either 6" on center or 8" on center spacing.


Plant Covering Calculation Example

Find the number of myrtle plants needed to cover a 15 ft. x 5 ft. hillside, planting 6" on center.

Length x Width = Square Feet

15 ft. x 5 ft. = 75 sq. ft.

Square Feet x Plants Per Square Foot = Total Number of Plants Needed

75 x 4.00 (From Chart Below) = 300 Plants Needed

These calculations demonstrate that 300 plants will be needed to cover a 5 ft x 15 ft. area with plants spaced at 6 inch centers.

Plants Needed