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The Johnston's Difference

What makes a plant from Johnston's Evergreen Nursery different? Lots! With 70 years of experience growing in the lake-effect snowbelt of northwestern Pennsylvania, we have learned a thing or two about growing healthy, hardy plants.


By fostering values of constant learning, innovation, quality, and being good stewards of our environment, Johnston's Evergreen Nursery strives to sell the healthiest possible plants. With all the "extras" we add in to the growing process, your Johnston's plants will have Landscape-Ready™ Roots that are intentionally designed to keep steady growth momentum from pot or ball to your landscape or selling lot.

Constant Learning - Johnston's Evergreen Nursery has paired up with the Penn State Extension / Penn State Erie to conduct experiments on copper chemical pruning. See pictures in our photo gallery below. As a result of this experimentation, Johnston-grown container plants exclusively use copper lining to produce a superior plant "from root to shoot."

Innovation - Johnston's originated a flat-welded, self-forming wire basket for hand-dug Balled & Burlapped (B&B) plants that is now used in various forms at nurseries all over the world. This invention has increased the livability of B&B plants. We're always willing to experiment with new and better ways to do things.

Quality - We prioritize investing in our materials by purchasing top-of-the-line products from seeds and liners, to containers, burlap, and balanced fertilizers.

Stewardship of the Earth - We believe we have been given our land to tend, so we take that responsibility to heart. Measures are taken to recycle water when possible and use cover cropping to replenish the fields between crops. Our applied programs of soil, water, and nutrient management along with integrated pest management allows us to grow healthy plants while caring for the earth.

Innovation - Chemical Root Pruning of Container Plants for Landscape-Ready™ Roots
Copper Coating in Containers
Untreated Pot 1
Copper Treatment 1
Untreated Daylily Container
Copper Treated Daylily
Copper Treated Roots
Copper Treated Forsythia
Copper Treated Boxwood
Invention & Innovation - Flat Welded Wire Baskets for Healthier B&B rootballs
Co-Owner Gary Johnston Sr. with Wire Basket
Wire Basket Invention Close Up
Original Advertisement
Ad Close-Up
Stewardship of the Earth
Daddy's Hands
Annual Blessing of the Fields
Water Management
Cover Crop Rotation
Soil Makes the Difference
Appreciating our Blessings
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