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Johnston's Wholesale Nursery



Green Industry Professionals registered with the Wholesale Office can access their password-protected information page here.  To register, please contact the office at (814) 897-1900 with your credentials.

Wholesale Nursery/Corporate Office Hours

Closed on Sundays and all legal holidays.

April through June:

Monday - Saturday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

July through November:

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (noon)
Closed on July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Monday, December 2, 2019

December through March:

By appointment only.

Closed each day for lunch from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.




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Contact Information

9865 Wales Road
Erie, PA  16510-5499

Our wholesale office staff is ready to assist you with your plant needs...

  • Phone: (814) 897-1900
  • Fax: (814) 897-9800
Client Services:
Customer Success Consultant:
Wholesale Nursery General Manager : John Johnston, john@johnstonplants.com
Office Manager, IT : Crispin Follett, crispin@johnstonplants.com

Key Benefits of Johnston's Wholesale Nursery

  • Plant Selection. We at Johnston's Evergreen Nursery are constantly looking for new and exciting varieties of plants for our customers. We feel that this best serves our industry and ultimately our customers by trying to lead the way with these new plants. In addition, as one of the largest growers in the region, we can best serve our customers' needs in this fashion.
  • Field Grown Plant Material. The field growing operation has grown as well. At present, we have six planted farms totaling over 450 acres of planted ground. We not only grow evergreens, but a very large variety of plants ranging from shade trees & flowering trees to evergreen shrubs and trees to perennials. In addition to the landscape plants we grow, we also have areas for growing liners to be transplanted into containers or grown on to larger field-grown plants. A large number of cuttings each spring are from our greenhouse and planted into these field areas. Even our field operations have triggered several experimental systems. Striving to improve the quality and livability of our plant material led to the development of the wire basket used to support the root balls of hand-dug plants. At Johnston's Evergreen Nursery, we are constantly looking for a better way. By doing so, we can offer the best plant material to you. 
  •  Station Road FarmTree Planter Image 1Shade Tree Planter Image 2

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  • Container Grown Plant Material. Over the years, our container growing area has increased a great deal in our ployhouses.  A polyhouse is a cold frame structure that is covered in the winter with plastic to provide winter storage areas for container grown plants. Starting with 3 polyhouses in 1960, now we have over 180 polyhouses in use. Some of the improvements we have implemented have been the use of CHEMICAL ROOT PRUNING and the "Pot-in-Pot" growing system (pictured below). This system requires that holes are drilled and plastic growing containers are inserted in the ground above drainage lines. This allows us to simply place potted plants (pot and all) in the buried container. This prevents the plant from falling over and makes it easier to install drip irrigation emitters to more evenly control the application of water thus creating an optimum growing condition for these plants.
  • Container Area and Garden CenterLoading Area and the 100's

    Pot in Pot Installation DrillPot in Pot Growing System

  • Our Wholesale Distribution Lot. This is actually our garden center; however, it is open to our wholesale customers as well. It is the perfect show-room for you to bring your customers. We understand how difficult it can be to describe plants; therefore, why not bring your customer out and show them the plants you are proposing. Our staff will be available to direct you to the plants so you can concentrate on selling your job to your customer. Please do not send your customers to us without you being with them. This situation can create a great deal of confusion as now your customer is dealing with more than one person. In addition, please call to confirm our garden center hours or check our our Garden Center Page as their hours can differ from our wholesale hours. Thank you.
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  • Advance Ordering. This is a very useful service for our wholesale customers. Just call your order in advance (at least several days please), we will select, dig, and mark and hold your plant material for you. The day before you want to pick up your order, we will pull all your order together at our loading dock. This way, you can get your order loaded in much less time. By giving us at least several days notice, we can more efficiently prepare your plant needs as digging and/or preparing plant material is very weather dependant.
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