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Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious'  GOLDEN DELICIOUS SEMI-DWARF APPLE
  • Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' GOLDEN DELICIOUS SEMI-DWARF APPLE

    Zone: 5-7
    Bright golden medium-sized fruit that is firm, crisp, and juicy. Ripens in mid-October.  Good for eating and cooking. Self-fertile, does not require a pollinator.


    Pollination and Dwarfing of Apple Trees

    Apples are generally not self-fertile; except for Yellow Delicious.  At least two varieties are needed.  Cross-pollination is possible when the trees bloom at approximately the same time.  The apple trees should be planted no farther than 100 ft. apart.  Bees carry the pollen, not wind.  

    A dwarfing rootstock produces trees that are approximately 45% the size of the standard tree.  The general size of dwarf apple trees are 9-12’ tall and 10’ wide.  Dwarf apples generally produce fruit after 3-4 years. These rootstocks only dwarf the size of the tree, not the size of the fruit.  If the bud union is planted below ground, the dwarfing characteristics can be lost.

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