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  • Pinus strobus EASTERN WHITE PINE

    Zone: 3      Height: 100 ft.    Width: 20-40 ft.

    Fast-growing pine with soft green to blue-green needles. Takes shearing well.  Does not tolerate salt or salt spray. 


    Eastern White Pine is a native evergreen tree to Pennsylvania that has a rich history.  White Pine is a long lived tree reaching heights of 100 feet in the wild and is a very important source of food and shelter for many of the birds and wildlife of the area.  Commercially White PIne is used in the building industry for furniture, doors, trim,  and all manner of wood products.  In the landscape, White Pine is a useful evergreen for screening, naturalizing, and specimen use.  Growing best in well-drained soils in full sun, White Pine will also grow nicely but more open in part shaded sites for a more natural look.  The soft texture of this 5 needle pine looks great and the long cones are dried for use in all kinds of decorating. 

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