Tomato 'Reisentraube' REISENTRAUBE TOMATO

Tomato 'Reisentraube' REISENTRAUBE TOMATO

Riensentraube  - 76 Days - Indeterminate - Heirloom Cherry.  From Germany.  One of the most popular small cherry tomatoes available, the 1-ounce red fruits are full of flavor and sweetness!  Riesentraube means "giant bunch of grapes" in German.


    Determinate - Plants grow to a certain size and produce all their fruit at once.

    Indeterminate - Plants continue growing and producing fruit until frost. Needs to be staked.

    Semi Determinate - Plants grow to a certain size and produce almost all their fruit at one time, with some fruit coming after the first production.


    ***We do have seed packs of many other vegetables located in the Garden Center office for spring garden center sales.  Call (814) 739-2820 for availability.***


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